Document Parsing Service (DPS)

Unlock Hidden Potential: Transform Business Documents into Business Value

Unlock the power of your data with our cutting-edge document parsing technology. Instantly extract and organize key information from your documents to boost productivity, enhance decision-making, and drive growth. Streamline your operations and stay ahead in today's fast-paced business landscape with Haystac's advanced document parsing solutions."

Experience the power of Haystac and take your document management and analysis to the next level.​

Haystac provides best-in-industry, AI driven, embeddable Intelligent Document Processing Skills & Services that require zero up-front training and can be quickly integrated and deployed in any environment.
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Adapt and Supplement ​ Advancements in AI

Haystac’s Document Parsing Service minimizes and simplifies the process of establishing AI-ready training data sets that can be used 
to enable content centric language models.

Efficient Data Extraction
  • Automated Parsing: Instantly extract key information such as dates, amounts, and terms from documents like invoices, contracts, and reports.
  • Accurate Data Processing: Reduce errors and improve data quality with our AI-powered parsing technology.
Scalable Solutions
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate our parsing service into your existing systems and workflows for enhanced productivity.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor our parsing service to meet your specific business needs, ensuring you get the most out of your data. 
Insights and Decision-Making
  • Advanced Analytics: Leverage extracted data for in-depth analysis, identifying trends and opportunities that inform strategic decisions.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Generate real-time reports and dashboards to visualize data and monitor performance.
Security and Compliance
  • Data Security: Protect sensitive information with robust security measures and encryption protocols.
  • Compliance: Ensure your document processing meets industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Unlock the power of your data with our cutting-edge document parsing technology. Instantly extract and organize key information from your documents to boost productivity, enhance decision-making, and drive growth. Streamline your operations and stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business landscape with Haystac’s advanced document parsing solutions.

Tha Haystac AI-powered parsing service effortlessly converts unstructured data into actionable insights. Whether you need to process invoices, contracts, or reports, Haystac automates the extraction of crucial data points like dates, amounts, and terms, saving you time and reducing errors. With seamless integration into your existing systems, our scalable solution adapts to your business needs, delivering accurate results and actionable intelligence.

Benefits of Intelligent Data Capture
Applications of Intelligent Data Capture

Transform Your Documents, Transform Your Business

Unlock the full potential of your business documents with Haystac’s innovative document parsing solutions. From data extraction and analysis to integration and compliance, we provide the tools you need to turn information into actionable insights.

What if we could enable you to create AI-ready training data based on your content?​

Significantly increases recognition performance and accuracy and combine OCR / ICR in one pass.

Consolidated View​
  • Analyze & cleanse​
  • Discover & understand​
  • Organize & structure​
  • Summarize  & extract key data points ​
  • Generate document timelines ​
Assimilate your corporate ​ data repositories​
  • Policies​
  • Procedures​
  • Contracts​
  • Training manuals​
  • Finance & legal docs​
  • Customer history​
  • ERP data​
  • Etc.​
Create AI-Ready​ training data sets​
  • Containerized​
  • Owned & maintained by the organization​
  • Deployed within the organization’s secure environment​
Fine-tune a baseline open-source large language model​ ​

Minimizes and simplifies the process of establishing AI-ready training data sets that can be used ​ to enable content centric language models.​ Helping you develop and deploy Corporate​ Language Model​

How it works

Auto-Correlate (auto-orient, cleanup, normalize, separate, and identify) multiple documents contained within a single file with zero setup or configuration?

Ingest and normalize content ​
Digitize and cleanup

​​any multi-page PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.

Separate and identify content​

​Auto Document Orientation, Separation, and Identification


Data Parsing FAQs

These FAQs provide insights about Haystac’s document parsing service, addressing common questions and highlighting the key benefits and features of the service.


Document parsing is the process of extracting structured data from unstructured documents such as invoices, contracts, and reports. It involves automatically identifying and capturing key data points like dates, amounts, and terms, which are then used for analysis and decision-making.

Haystac's document parsing service uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze documents and extract relevant information. Our technology can handle various document types and formats, ensuring accurate data extraction and reducing manual effort.

Our service can process a wide range of documents including invoices, purchase orders, receipts, contracts, financial statements, and more. Whether your documents are in PDF, scanned images, or other formats, Haystac can extract the necessary data.

  • Efficiency: Automate data extraction processes, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Accuracy: Ensure high accuracy in data extraction with AI-powered technology.
  • Scalability: Easily scale the service to handle large volumes of documents.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and workflows.
  • Insights: Use extracted data for analysis and reporting, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

At Haystac, we prioritize data security. Our document parsing service uses advanced security measures such as encryption, access controls, and secure storage to protect your sensitive information.

Yes, our document parsing service is customizable to meet your business requirements. We can tailor the solution to handle specific document formats, data fields, and integration needs.

Getting started is easy! Contact us for a consultation, and we'll assess your document parsing needs. We'll then provide a tailored solution that fits your business requirements and seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows.

Haystac combines cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to deliver a document parsing service that enhances productivity, improves accuracy, and unlocks the hidden value within your business documents. Our scalable solutions are designed to grow with your business needs, providing ongoing support and innovation.