What's Going On?

Today’s successful businesses are data-driven businesses, who understand the value of access to data.

But up to 80% of business data exists outside of databases. This is called “unstructured data” or “content” and it’s very hard to access or control.

A few years ago, many organizations treated this data as no more than a nuisance. However, a rise in compliance and security risks, and the hunger for more data, have changed the perception.

We’ve reached a point where more businesses are valuing the importance of accessing and controlling this data. Driven by the need of key business processes and systems for this data.

But…there are two VERY BIG problems

1 - Organizations have terabytes, even petabytes, of this data. And it’s growing 20+% per year!

2 - They don’t know what they have.

Millions and millions of documents; everything from Office files to emails to scanned images to photos - and more.

Creating serious problems for info security, data privacy and compliance. And virtually unusable by analytics or business processes.

Organizing this much data is far beyond human capability. There’s no hope without an intermediary  to create structure from chaos.

Enter Haystac