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Haystac is built with a state-of-the-art AI/Machine Learning(ML)/Deep Learning software platform that delivers clean, secure, and actionable information assets. It searches, crawls, profiles, classifies, extracts data points and secures sensitive information. Regardless of system of record, Haystac works with more than 600 file types and across virtually any repository, cloud drive or file share.

Achieving What Others Call the Impossible
  • Scalable clustering and labeling by dominant topics
  • Scalable near-duplicate detection
  • Summarization and dominant key phrases
  • Scalable Multi-model, multi-class deep hierarchy classification
  • Outlier/Novelty detection
  • Real-time classification kernel selection and parameter tuning
  • Scalable Contextual information extraction from noisy text
  • Visual classification and capture
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Leading-edge, not Bleeding-edge, AI content analytics
  • Neural-networks classification with transfer-learning
  • Unsupervised and supervised Machine Learning methods
  • Proprietary Visual ML and anchored OCR for scanned images
  • False-positive reduction/Novelty detection
  • Fuzzy-rules data point detection and extraction
  • Rules enhanced classification and Q/C
  • Dupes/near dupes detection and analytics
  • Automatic extractive summary
  • Automatic sensitive data anonymization

AI that works

pioneering the use of deep learning to radically improve Automation

Easy to Use - No Data Scientist Required

By taking a human-centered approach to automation, Haystac helps humans and machines work together to achieve even greater results.

  • Automatic data profiling
  • Full featured connectors
  • Agent-less ingestion from any data source
  • Interactive dashboard and menu-driven user portal
  • Integrated data modeling feed-back and Q/C
  • Distance from original near dupes mapping and analysis
  • Faceted search, including keyword, Regex and contextual search
  • Exclusive “more-like-this” search
  • Extensive document (text and html), data-point and metadata viewer
  • JSON export
  • Standard and custom-reporting facility
  • False positive reduction/elimination
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The Ultimate AI Driven Skills

Accuracy and Precision

Power your business with a next-generation document processing platform

Join the future of document processing with Haystac—where innovation paves the way to effortless efficiency and unparalleled accuracy.

Saving time and money to transform the way people and businesses operate.

Solve Challenges

Ready to take charge of your business processes and the documents that drive them? Let’s dive in and find ways to save time, money, and effort together.

Work Smarter

Harness the power of proactive document management to take the helm of your business processes. Uncover untapped opportunities to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

Digitize​ Paper​

Significantly increases recognition performance and accuracy.​ Combines OCR / ICR ​
in one pass.​


Separate & Identify Document

Fully automates and eliminates any/all setup (physical and/or digital) relative to document separation and document identification.​

Extract​ Information

Fully automates and eliminates any/all setup relative to parsing data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents.​

Understand​ Content

Minimizes any/all setup relative to discovering, identifying, analyzing, and leveraging insight and knowledge contained within business content.​

Not the Same Old IDP of Yesterday

By harnessing Haystac’s intelligent document processing solutions, you’re not just saving time and money—you’re transforming the very fabric of how people and businesses operate. Our cutting-edge technology liberates organizations from the shackles of outdated document management methods, empowering them to embrace a future defined by efficiency and productivity.


With Haystac, manual tasks that once consumed valuable time and resources become a thing of the past. By automating document classification and separation processes, our AI-powered platform accelerates workflows and minimizes costly errors. This newfound efficiency translates directly into savings, both in terms of time and financial resources.

Haystac’s exclusive AI visual recognition methods use both machine and deep learning to classify and separate scanned documents including large PDFs.

This is accomplished without OCR, text analysis, separator sheets, barcodes or other legacy approaches that require a lot of human intervention and hinder your goal for straight-through processing. Haystac’s AI approach requires little to no training or supervision.

  • Classifies and separates documents using deep-learning-powered visual recognition.
  • Out-performs legacy template-based systems.
  • Does not rely on outmoded text and OCR methods.
  • Works very well on less-than-ideal images.
  • Can handle complex multi-page table structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transformational Automation

Zero Setup

Out of the box models and taxonomies provide quick time to value and low total cost of ownership and risk.


Highly optimized, scalable platform is measured by how many pages per second vs. how many seconds per page.


Light weight service containers can be deployed on-premise or to any cloud environment in minutes ​. Services are self-contained with no external dependencies​.


​​Confidence levels allow you to determine when human intervention (human in the loop) is required.


Models are configurable and extendable based on unique customer requirements​. Highly optimized and ergonomic visualization, QC, and curation experiences.


Integration via REST APIs and JSON results vs. prompt-based engineering​. Re-branding, embedding, deployment, and maintenance.


Leverages and supplements a variety of leading-edge AI advancements​. Addresses all IDP use cases through one platform.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Competitive, volume-based pricing and cost effective hardware dependencies.