A set of needles in a case
A set of needles in a case

Haystac Indago

Comprehensive content analytics powered by



A set of needles in a case
A set of needles in a case

Haystac Indago

The comprehensive content analytics platform powered by AI machine and deep learning.

Analyze and organize all your unstructured data, no matter how much you have, what it is, or where it is located. With Indago, you can accomplish amazing feats of data management without a data scientist because we put that intelligence into the software. Indago ingests data from any unstructured data source, including file shares, Office365, Google Drive, email servers, ECM systems (SharePoint, FileNet, Documentum, OnBase, SharePoint, IBM, Oracle etc), as well as any archival or social media platform. And Indago has been selected for the largest multi-Petabyte scale projects.

For scanned or faxed image content, Indago out-performs legacy OCR and classifiers by applying our proprietary visual anchor technology, the most advanced classification and data extraction powered by deep learning.

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More Features

  • Identifies and handles Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) data for faster, more efficient data clean-up and migrations.
  • Automatically generates classification models based on a small set of training documents.
  • Automatically finds new content types and flags exceptions with novelty/outlier detection method
  • Manages in-place textual data and metadata within Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and SharePoint
  • Interactive dashboard for visualization, presentation, reporting and multi-level drill down via faceted search
  • Integrated Extractive Summary for SMEs to quickly review and locate key concepts and phrases within large documents
  • Fast and agile cloud or on-premise deployment with flexible enterprise licensing terms.


Supports diverse business use cases for Information security and governance, data protection, M&A, regulatory or corporate compliance, e-discovery, RPA, document process automation and more.

The Results

Risk Mitigation

Know what you have. Reduces the risk and costs of unwanted exposure to sensitive personal or company information and intellectual property.

Clean Data Lake

Keep the needles and get rid of the hay with ROT detection. What was chaos is now perfectly organized, thus controllable and useable.

Straight-through Processing

Superior document classification and data extraction to keep the data flowing for RPA and document-driven workflows.

Faster Results

Agile and rapid implementation delivers results in weeks, not months or years.