Modus complements its Information Governance Solution offerings with Haystac’s AI-Powered Content Analytics

Combines the comprehensive Modus portfolio of Information Governance Solutions with next-generation Artificial Intelligence from Haystac


Modus is thrilled to announce a multifaceted partnership with Haystac, the Content Intelligence Company™, and developer of Indago™, a “true” AI content analytics platform for unstructured data and scanned image classification. Indago™ uniquely complements Modus’ Information Governance and eDiscovery Solutions while also increasing a comprehensive portfolio of data management solutions.

“Modus takes pride in aggregating powerful, best-of-breed technologies and combining them with our tremendous track record of effective thought leadership, scale, relevance, cloud security, and world-class professional services. We continue to invest in the people, process, and technology required to deliver the critical outcomes customers want: resilient data privacy, effective data compliance, integrated eDiscovery, and significant cost savings. Too much time and money have been wasted on partially solving larger problems,” says Steven Horan, Modus Chairman and CEO.

“Every day, I wake up excited at the thought of guiding another client through the disorienting world of information governance and data management. With a tsunami of new regulations, the explosion of cloud adoption, digital transformation, and the unquenchable thirst to hoard data, the journey can be an overwhelming endeavor even for the most seasoned IT professionals”, says Jim Comer, Modus Vice President of Sales – Information Governance. “We have combined our comprehensive portfolio of Information Governance Solutions with next-generation Artificial Intelligence from Haystac. Driven by the reality that some form of privacy regulation will cover most of the population’s personal information by 2023, Modus is uniquely qualified to guide our clients to their desired Information Governance destination.”

“Our next-generation platform uses AI and deep learning to power our proprietary Visual Content Intelligence (VCI) for advanced data classification and extraction from both scanned files and over 500 types of born-digital enterprise documents and files,” said Barak Tsivkin, CEO of Haystac. “With Haystac Indago, Modus Professionals can now engage their clients on the largest and most difficult unstructured data problems such as sensitive and private data identification, addressing security and compliance, and data analytics across petabytes of data. The building blocks of Information Governance that Modus has put in place are impressive.”

About Haystac
Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Haystac Inc. created the Indago™ Content Analytics Platform, an AI-driven cloud solution for unstructured data management using innovative deep learning and several other data science methods to produce superior results. Our platform helps customers solve information management, security, privacy, and governance challenges across multiple business use cases.

About Modus
Modus brings together people, processes, and technology in concert to help solve your eDiscovery, Data Privacy and Governance challenges. As business leaders, CIOs/CTOs, general counsel, and cybersecurity experts, we know the challenges you are facing because we’ve lived through them ourselves. It is this empathy that drives our commitment to provide you with the most effective solutions and to make each Information Governance and eDiscovery partnership a stunning success.

For more information regarding Modus information governance solutions, unstructured data analytics, or professional services, contact:
Jim Comer, Vice President of Sales Information Governance
Phone: 202.332.5500